Friday, February 27, 2015

Data Drain – Episode 2

Hello and welcome to the second episode of Data Drain. This episode Ethan, Jason, and returning guest Stewart discuss the finer points of the Ace Attorney series. Oddly enough there is less yelling “Objection!” and “Hold It!” than you would think. There were a few things we learned from recording this episode such as I should never be a defense attorney.

Data Drain Ep 2

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Nintendo Okie Podcast - Episode 253

It the morning hours of humanity's last day, four brave heroes awoke. With their restless sleep still hiding in their eyes, they forced out the fleeting memories of dreams and prepared for what could be their greatest triumph or their final defeat. Among them was Ethan, a battle-hardened warrior who let his skills speak for him. Shannon, who's eye was ever searching for a weakness to exploit. Shelby, always with one ear to the radio just in case there was someone else out there. And lastly, the one with whom all the world's hope rested, the leader of the ever-tired crew, Tony. This is the record of what happened that day. Hopefully they win our tomorrow so that you will one day listen.

Starring - Tony, Shannon, Ethan, Shelby
Run time - 1:58:14

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Nintendo Okie Podcast - Episode 252

So the top of my desk feels really cold. I'm not sure if that's normal. I guess I don't really pay attention to the temperature of my desk's surface. I imagine it's fine, but it's weird how you never notice these things, you know. Oh yeah, and here's the next podcast.

Starring - Tony, Micah, Shannon, Shelby
Run time - 1:39:09

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Data Drain - Episode 1

Hey everyone! Allow me to introduce you to the Data Drain Podcast. This is a podcast with a focus on a single subject that will be different for each episode. Every episode will be a discussion about our past experiences and related media about the topic per episode.  This is my first time hosting a podcast and I have brought my friend Jason along to co-host. The two of us wont be alone for this podcast though. Since each episode will have a new topic we thought we could cycle in members of the community to be the third person on the show. We have already made a list of topics to discuss for future episodes but we would like for you the listeners to tells us what games you would want to hear us talk about and if you would like to be on a specific episode. With all that said here is our first episode with the topic being Monster Hunter and our special guest is Stewart.

I would like to say THANK YOU to Nick Hilton for the awesome podcast logo he made and for adding in the Okie seal of approval.

Data Drain Ep 1

Starring - Ethan, Jason, Stewart

Run Time - 38:52

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Nintendo Okie Podcast - Episode 251

Shannon returneth! And no, we didn't forget that he has to say three nice things about Nintendo. Once all that is out of the way, Shannon speaks of his new adventure in an old adventure, Tony gets some partners in his anti-starvation quest, Micah makes a trip to famous locations far away and Shelby decides he wants to have a really long nose. How does all this come up in conversation? You'll just have to find out for yourself.

Starring - Tony, Shannon, Micah, Shelby
Run time - 1:41:48

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Nintendo Okie Podcast - Episode 250

By the time you're listening to this, Operation Bring Rosy Home has already taken place. We recorded this on the eve of the op. The air was tense but we pulled through with the biggest reader feedback segment we've ever had. Thanks to everyone that wrote in.

Starring - Tony, Micah, Ethan, Shelby
Run time - 1:59:37

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